Investments in Emerging Markets

For institutional investors are the leading nations of the emerging markets China, India and Brazil. More subordinated is Russia as fourth BRIC state to mention as well as rising African nations like Kenia, Ghana or Botswana.

After the financial crisis the recovery of the global markets havn't been homogenious. While the global growth of the GDP increased up to 4.8% again, in 2010 the emerging markets alone achieved 7% and generated therefore roughly 50% of the global GDP.
China, India and Brazil have enhanced their economic circumstances and reduced the obstacles for foreign investors to participate in foreign financed projects.

By 2017 the middle class of this three emerging economies alone is set to double and by 2014 the middle class will include 800 million people. This rapid development will cause an increasing demand for all segments of consumer goods including properties.



In industrial nations about 70% of the population lives in cities, compared to this until now in China lives only 45% of the population in cities., correlative with alteration from a low-wage country, what is overhelming dependent on exports, to a high-tech nation, it is intended to catch up this enormous accumulated demand by 2035.

despite the significant overcapacities on the real estate market in the segments office and residential that has formed in the recent years, China plans new mega projects which offer new opportunities to developers and investors.
Among the most ambitious projects is the worldwide largest city planning projects Jing-Jin-Ji, in which Beijing will get merged with two of its neighour regions to the globally which will have more than twice the area of Brawaria in terms of surface area.

In South China a similar project is in the planning stage as well. In this area the nine cities Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Zhuhai, Jiangmen, Huizhou and Zhaoqing shall grow together. In this mega city will live 42 million citizens on an area of 41,400 square kilometers.

Bold Real Estate has entered into partnerships with well established local partners and investors with which we will start first projects in the segments residential and office by the end of 2017.



Six of the ten fastest growing national economies worldwide are located in Africa. The terretorially surface of Africa exceeds the are of the USA, China, India, Japan and Europe together. The population of Africa is presently around 1.1 billion people, by 2050 the population will be 2.0 billion. Already today 300 million of the African population belong to the new middle class.
Six of ten of the fastest growing economies in the world are located in Africa. Already today he national economies in the leading African states are growing more dynamic and faster than in Asian countries. Since one decade the economic growth in Sub-Sahara-Africa amounded to over 5% annually.

Real Estate Market

The property markets have developed positively in many African states, whereas any market shows its individual characteristics.

The four most encouraging countries
for Investments

Regarding market transparency, demand as well as transaction speed and the level of bureaucracy, Botswana has the leading real estate market in Africa. The market of commercial property is located in the capital Gaborone where international companies generate a strong market demand.
The development of new commercial space leads to an increasing demand of brand-new buildings though on the other hand subsequent lettings are difficult to realize.

In South Africa around the capital Johannesburg as well as in Cape Town and Durban are the most developed real estate markets of the continent located.
The recovery of the office market was sustained and the demand for new space continued to develop positively. The demand of international investors remained stable and was focused on premium property. In the event of an economic decline the prices could come under pressure.

In Sambia the commercial activities are concentrated on the capital Lusaka. The African landlocked country is part of the most developed real estate markets in Africa. New commercial property can be let quickly since the location is in great demand among banks and communication service providers.

Despite some administrative barriers Ghana is one of the most stable African countries for the real estate industry. Private investors and foreign companies share the market who is concentrated particularly in the capital Accra. The extreme congestion in the city has led to more building activity in the suburbs and around the international airport.



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