Project Development

Project development comprises the entire process for the creation of a wind farm. From the first idea for the project to its realisation and the commissioning of the turbines, we guide the project through all its phases - at our own risk and using a holistic approach. Our continuous project management ensures that the project proceeds swiftly.

Every project is unique but our technical department masters the various challenges - managed by the project manager. We have the right answer ready for any situation because our team consist of specialists who bring their considerable expertise to bear in supporting each one of the steps in the project.

Investment and Participation

BOLD Wind Energy sells wind farms turn-key or, if requested, ready for building. Investors can acquire individual wind farms or even larger portfolios.

Only high-quality projects are sold which have been excellently planned and implemented. We document this seal of quality so valuable to customers wiht professional, transparent project documentation via data rooms which ensure optimum Due Diligence.


Steps of Our Wind Park Developments

The BOLD Wind Energy team is covering all phases of wind farm development: from site selection and land acquisition to assessing the specific wind yield for a project, technichal wind farm design, planning and environmental impact assessment, bank financing and wind farm construction.

A wide range of criteria must be taken into account in order to assess whether an identified site is feasible for an BOLD wind farm. Specialist survey are commissioned to provide information about local conditions. The key issues examined include:


The Dawn for Wind Energy in Africa

Africa is the continent with the highest growth potential for renewable energy. Already Africa is one of the markets with the highest growth rates in the world. South Africa is undoubtebly the major contributor on the scene. But there are also markets that are opening up - like Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania and Nigeria just to name a few.

We have identified Kenya in particular as a promising supporter of wind power in East Africa due to proven successful closure of the country's large-scale wind power projects. Africa is the most exciting market in the world because it offers the unique opportunity to start with renewable energy from relatively low stages of electrification, thus leapfrogging older technologies.

BOLD Wind Energy is in the stage of negotiation about two new wind farm projects with the administrations of Kenya and Nigeria.



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